Monday, March 30, 2009

London... and...

This past Saturday Matt and I went to London. I had my interview with the A&F people for the MIT position so we decided to make a day out of it. We left Southampton at 8:30 in the morning and by 11:30 we were in London. My interview wasn't till 2 so we decided to go to a part of the city that was close to where my interview was going to be and wonder for a bit. We didn't want to do the typical touristy things so we figured we'd just have a wonder and see what we ran into. We went to Notting Hill first and wondered down Portabello Street and viewed all the little market stalls they had open. There were tons of stalls and there was everything you could think of. Lots of vintage stuff and antiques but more modern items as well. From there we had lunch and ventured to find the A&F Offices where my interview was. Now my directions and reading skills can be a little lax sometimes. I read one thing but see another in it's place so sometimes it leads to problems! I had printed out a map from Picadilly Circus to A&F... but read it and told Matt we needed to be at Paddington. We got on the tube at Notting Hill and I realized I had mixed them up so we got off and spent the next 15 minutes running through the tube stations to get on the right tube and to the right station. We made it to Picadilly for 1:52pm and ran down Regent Street and down the others till we got the the A&F offices. I had just enough time to put on my flip flops and get up the stairs before it hit 2:00pm! PHEW! The interview went well. It was an odd group of people and out of 8 people who were in my interview only 1 was actually from the UK. Everyone else was born somewhere else in Europe (along with me from the US) and had immigrated to the UK. We all answered the questions and then got our photos taken so they could "remember out faces" and I was on my way out when I recognized one of the other Recruiting Managers. Turns out he's from California and worked at one of the stores near me. He must have covered for one of my managers at one point or another and that's why I recognized him! What a small freakin world!! After my interview Matt greeted me with a Diet Coke (cause he's the best boyfriend ever!) and we headed off to see more of the city. We wondered around the rest of Regent and Oxford Street (the 5th Ave. of London) then headed to find a pub cause Matt wanted to watch the England game. We found one as we wondered through Chinatown and had a few drinks while watching the game. By the time that was over it was time to catch the bus and head back home! I really liked wondering around London and just seeing random sights. I've been many a time before and done the whole touristy thing so it's good to do something different.

In other news... I had my interview for the University job last Friday. It went really well and I got called back for an informal chat today. Basically... I got the Job and I accepted her offer! SO I HAVE A JOB!!! I would have liked to see if I could have pursued the A&F position further but I won't find out for a week or so and then I still would have to go through two other interviews to even get the job. And I have a feeling all the training has to be done in the London store and I can't do that if I live in Southampton. So playing it safe I took the job at the University. I'll be Assisting the Annual Giving Department in their fundraising and alumni projects and working with a team of individuals who seem really like good people to work with! I can always go back and apply for the MIT position again once the store in SH has started to establish itself and they start training people in the store. But for now the Uni job will do!

Now Matt and I can start saving and find our own place!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

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